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Vovici Insights

Uncover the “Why” Behind Customer & Employee Feedback

Insights is a Vovici 6 add-on module that provides valuable insight into your customer text feedback with embedded Text Analytics.  You can analyze open-ended text feedback from within surveys and profiles, exposing the meaning and sentiment buried in open-ended customer comments and enabling you to easily understand – and act on – customer satisfaction drivers.

Text Analytics

Insights includes a powerful embedded text analytics tool that enables you to quickly and easily analyze the qualitative data in open-ended responses from surveys and profiles. Key topics and trends within feedback data are automatically surfaced – enabling you to trade hundreds of hours of manual analysis for the click of a button. Use Insights to:

  • Understand the emotions and sentiment within feedback data – and make smarter business decisions
  • Easily access and comprehend the drivers of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Automatically build topic categories based on customers’ own words
  • Drill down into feedback and view individual responses to analyze root cause
  • View sentiment summaries by dataset and category