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Mobile Surveys

Vovici Mobile

Online or Offline, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether capturing feedback without an Internet connection or tracking the status of survey projects while away from the office, Vovici Mobile enables you to collect, view, and analyze survey data – regardless of location.

Get the power of surveys in the palm of your hand with Vovici Mobile.

Vovici Mobile Reporting

Mobile Reporting

Vovici Mobile Reporting on your mobile device to view, analyze, and act on survey results – as they come in – and is the only mobile app tailor-made to provide local and remote access to your critical survey and feedback data. Identify and act on issues, track the status of projects, monitor the progress of respondents, and share up-to-the-minute insight with stakeholders – with complete peace of mind that the information is current. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android.

Vovici Offline Mobile

Mobile Offline Surveys

The need to capture customer feedback shouldn’t depend on an Internet connection. Vovici Mobile Offline Surveys helps you collect feedback in the moment – whether connected or not – providing an accurate picture of your customer experience. Perfect for venues with unreliable Internet connectivity, such as conference centers, retail stores, hospitals, and the like. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and PC.

EFM Mobile SMSEFM Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS

Instantly connect with customers and gain ‘in the moment’ feedback at point of experience with Mobile SMS. Send and receive single survey questions, bulk messages and reminders to customers or use shortcodes and keywords to let participants opt-in to take a survey. Increase response rates and build multi-channel relationships.

Vovici Mobile helps keep you connected – and keeps your projects going strong – no matter where the information is gathered.