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Vovici Mobile Offline Surveys

No Internet connection? No problem. Ideal for use in conferences, retail stores, hospitals, sports venues, or anywhere with unreliable connectivity, Mobile Offline Surveys lets you collect feedback in the moment.

Survey now and sync later – that’s the beauty of Mobile Offline Surveys. You can now conduct sophisticated, branded surveys – maintaining professionalism and consistency – whether respondents are online or not. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and PC.

With Mobile Offline Surveys, you can:

  • Expand your respondent base whether online or not
  • Sync offline results to the Web app quickly and easily, once reconnected
  • Optimize surveys depending on channel – respondents experience the optimal survey for their device
  • Track surveys by channel to compare campaign execution statistics
  • Go global – deliver surveys and gather results in 150+ languages

All that & more!

  • Build and deploy personalized, branded surveys whether online or offline
  • Gather targeted data via branching, validation, quotas, data piping, and many other advanced features
  • Implement best-practice surveys, questions, and themes to improve response results
  • Strengthen your brand by delivering a consistent survey experience to all respondents