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Online Surveys


Uncover insight and inspire action

It all starts with a compelling survey.  Vovici 6 sets the benchmark for online survey and enterprise feedback management by providing the solutions you need to develop, deliver and manage compelling surveys that get you the information you need to make informed business decisions. 

Powerful, scalable and easy to use, Vovici’s solutions help thousands of organizations worldwide, including more than half of the Fortune 500, to turn feedback into action.

Easily create
complex surveys

Create surveys using a free-form editor, a step-by-step wizard or a Microsoft® Word import.
Beyond secure
Industry leading security, scalability and data retention ensures the sanctity of data. Detailed roles and workflow produce better research and protect your brand.
Survey across the Globe
Access the application in 11 languages and build pixel-perfect surveys and emails in 150+ cultures.
> Translation Module
> UI Languages
Turn data into results
Provide automatic and personalized email alerts based on responses or actions. Track the effect of changes with follow-up surveys.
> Alert
Brand & personalize
Use point-and-click branding to protect your corporate identity. Easily personalize surveys with everything you know about respondents.
Improve data quality
Survey branching, quotas, validation, question and page randomization, and dozens of other features collect the data you need while reducing survey fatigue
Embed video, audio and other media
Make surveys come alive with interactive presentations, videos, images, audio clips and an assortment of other media.
> Video
Engage on
a deeper level

Improve responses and provide a richer, more engaging experience by incorporating interactive questions such as sliders and drag and drop.
Promote best practices
Use dozens of best-practice surveys, questions and themes or create your own.
> Survey Templates
Get Social with Vovici
Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to easily tap into the power of the social universe . Vovici’s free Facebook App makes it simple to turn Facebook fans into panelists, helping create a rich, varied customer panel.
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